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Vacation Hawaii: The Aloha State

If you ask 10 different people what they think of when they think of Hawaii....you will get 10 distinct and different answers. The chain of islands in the Pacific have influences from the earliest Polynesian settlers to the most recent “settlers”....the Japanese. You will find that each island has it's own personality and special atmosphere, and it's truly a paradise to be explored and enjoyed!

Most people think of beaches when thinking of Hawaii, and since it is an island state, it certainly does have wonderful beaches and all the water activities that go along with that....but I think the true beauty lies in the scenery on the interior of the islands....the dense, tropical landscapes of Kauai—the Garden Isle, Hawaii with her active Volcano, Oahu with the Polynesian Cultural center and North shore for surfing, Maui for the old whaling villages....and all of them for driving around and just seeing nature in all her glory.

A trip to Hawaii is certainly an experience to never be forgotten and one that you will treasure forever.

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