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Vacation Mexico: Beyond Your Expectations

Mexico is our closest neighbor to the south, and with easy access into and out of the country, traveling there is one of the easiest options we have.

Mexico is known for it's many cultures and influences....Aztec, Mayan, Olmec and many other ancient civilizations. More recent influences come from the Spanish and then Mexico's fight for freedom.

There is history in central Mexico, and then the coastal areas are known for their beautiful beaches and fun nightlife. The coastal regions are mostly where the tourism that we experience is located. Cabo San Lucas on the Western coast of Baja California, Pueto Vallarta on the western Pacific coast, Oaxaca on the south and then Cancun on the Eastern Yucatan peninsula is likely the most well-known of all the tourist areas...known for spring break fun and frolic. The area however is also a wonderful place for family vacations, romantic honeymoons and trips for those of all ages.

The coastal areas are well known for their wonderful all inclusive resorts, and that is something that Bluprint Travel would love to help you explore.

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