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3 Commonly Forgotten Items during Vacation Planning

There are so many ways a professional travel agent can make booking a vacation easier. But, what about once the booking is complete and you are getting ready to leave?  Read More

4 Benefits of Booking an All-Inclusive Hotel

Vacations are fun, but planning out every aspect of vacation plans can be overwhelming. There are hotel expenses, restaurants to pick, excursions to plan, travel to and from the airport and so much more!   Read More


In the age of doing everything online, can booking a vacation with Bluprint Travel be an advantage? Yes! Bluprint Travel, a local travel agency, offers free services to the traveler, as the travel agency often is paid by hotels and wholesalers.   Read More

Welcome to Bluprint Travel's New Website!

Only a year plus in the making, but finally Bluprint Travel's website is up and running. You cannot imagine my excitement as it goes live and everyone has the opportunity to know a little more about Bluprint Travel and about me!   Read More

Now is the Time...

My purpose in writing this blog is to educate everyone on all things travel. I have been at this for 31 years, and hopefully, I have learned a thing or two along the way. If there are burning travel questions you have, please let me know and I will try to get the word out and answer them.   Read More