In the age of doing everything online, can booking a vacation with Bluprint Travel be an advantage? Yes! Bluprint Travel, a local travel agency, offers free services to the traveler, as the travel agency often is paid by hotels and wholesalers.

We also get up-to-date information from those same sources and often know about better deals than the online sites are offering. Our contacts and experience can cut through the muddle and complexity, leaving the client free to worry less about travel bookings!

3 big advantages of letting Bluprint Travel book a vacation are:

  • Choosing the Destination. Reading online reviews of multiple resorts or cities can take overwhelming time and effort. When shopping for Caribbean travel, an all-inclusive family trip, or an affordable honeymoon destination, Bluprint Travel can help narrow the choices among family friendly, beach town, non-touristy, eco-tourism or other options. And, the more often a client works with us, the better we know their tastes and needs.
  • Booking International Travel. Especially for the first time traveler to a foreign country, Bluprint Travel can help gather all the important information to travel safely abroad. The latest information about cruises, overseas vacation packages, and advisories are all part of the service. Ask us a million questions!
  • Planning Romantic Travel. Any time travel involves something like an all-inclusive beach wedding, a family trip, or an anniversary trip, the questions and logistics expand exponentially. Let Bluprint Travel help ensure all the details are nailed down. When inventible changes pop up, let us the help with changing a booking and concentrate on having a good time!

Most people can manage trip planning when booking only one flight ticket, or to use travel miles, or when a deal site has a vacation package. One decision, one click, done. However, when more than one decision is needed to plan a vacation, Bluprint Travel is here to help.

Let Bluprint Travel save headaches, confusion, time and money, which can make a family trip to Hawaii much more fun. Call or email us today and let’s plan a vacation!