My purpose in writing this blog is to educate everyone on all things travel. I have been at this for 31 years, and hopefully, I have learned a thing or two along the way. If there are burning travel questions you have, please let me know and I will try to get the word out and answer them.

I work with all sorts of traveling types.....honeymooners, family vacationers, girls trips, guys name it and I have probably done it. It is almost a sure thing that I will get the question “When is the best time for me to book this?” And the answer is, NOW. If you are in the process of getting quotes for travel, and you find the price that you like, then now is the time to book it. There are hundreds of “what if” questions, but the biggest in my opinion....what if you don't book and the price goes up? And that is the likelihood. Airfare, once locked in by purchasing it, will not go up. But if it is not purchased, you will pay the price the day you book it. There is the slight possibility it can go down a little bit, but much more likely to go up.

So, as a rule of thumb.....Honeymoons should be booked 6-9 months in advance, holiday travel should be booked the earliest that you can book airfare. Right now, Thanksgiving flights can be booked, but not Christmas yet....and if you want to travel this Easter, then be prepared for higher airfare prices and hotel prices at this time. That spring break trip is going to cost more to book now than it would have in say August last year.

The most effective way to get the best pricing is to book early and then sit back and relax, wait for the final payment to come due and then it's time to pack and let the adventure begin. With this all said though, if you have not booked Spring Break or Easter, let's get that done TODAY! And then your summer plans, time to work on that as well.

I am hoping to hear from you to book some sort of vacation this year! It's time to be good to yourself and enjoy a little relaxation and fun! Remember NOW IS THE TIME!