There are so many ways a professional travel agent can make booking a vacation easier. But, what about once the booking is complete and you are getting ready to leave?

As the owner of Bluprint Travel, a travel agency in Cary, my job is not over until the vacation is over! That means I help my clients remember the most commonly forgotten items so they don’t miss any part of their vacation.

3 commonly forgotten items when taking a vacation are:

1. Passport: Many families forget whether they need a passport in the first place. When taking a Sandals vacation, there are so many wonderful amenities that it can be hard to remember that you are leaving the country to get there. I help my clients get through the process of applying for a passport and remind them to pack it.
2. Packing List: There are so many last-minute items that couples don’t think about because it is their first all-inclusive vacation or cruise. Or, traveling to a new island, they don’t know to plan for certain things. I make sure all of my clients who exactly what they need.

3. Back-Up Plan: It has been a very active hurricane year in the Atlantic Ocean. It can be very scary to have a vacation all planned and inclement weather headed towards the destination. All of my clients have a plan in case weather or other situations threaten their vacations.

This all sounds great, but many Cary couples don’t book with me because they don’t want to pay a travel agent’s fees. Great news, my clients never pay me! I work to find them the best price and experience vacations, but the cost is no higher than what they would pay. If this sounds like just the help you need for your next vacation, call me today at 919-830-0046.